Counselling for Individuals and Relationships in Cornwall

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”

Haruki Murakami

Offering a safe and supportive space for you to explore whatever might be troubling you

Counselling for Individuals

Life can be tough when you’re struggling with personal, relational, or work issues. We all need to be heard and understood by someone we can trust. If you're struggling, you don’t have to go it alone. I will help you find your way to a better place.

Relationship Counselling

Every relationship has its strengths and challenges. I can offer you a safe space to explore and make sense of what is happening in your relationship. Supporting you in exploring and working through difficult issues and feelings.


The workshops are designed to facilitate collaborative learning, idea exchange, and community building. They encourage reflection, group discussions and exercises that stimulate fresh perspectives.

Supporting you with...

Your reasons for hurting are as unique as you are. You might feel depressed or anxious. You might feel that your relationships with yourself or with others are difficult. You might suffer from the effects of trauma or loss.

Kat Buxton


My counselling practice focuses on working alongside you with kindness, acceptance and empathy. Supporting you to become more mindful, and self-aware. Identifying what’s going on in your life that is causing you pain and discomfort.

You may feel overwhelmed, confused, or scared. When you reach out to me I’ll be ready and willing to listen, see, and walk alongside you.

The first step

Get in touch to arrange an initial free 30 minute consultation. We’ll discuss the issues you want to address in therapy and the outcomes you’re looking for.

Next steps

We’ll meet for therapy sessions in-person or remotely. You choose the issues you bring to your sessions. You are the one who knows the most important subject to tackle at any given moment.

Common questions

You might be wondering… How long are the sessions? How often would I come to therapy? How do I schedule an appointment? How much does it cost?… and other questions…