Relationship Counselling

Every relationship has its strengths and challenges.

I can offer you a safe space to explore and make sense of what is happening in your relationship. Supporting you in exploring and working through difficult issues and feelings.

In relationship counselling sessions, everyone can safely have their say and feel acknowledged. As a result, progress can be made in an understanding, calm and non-judgemental atmosphere. I’ll seek to understand your relationship dynamics and will respect and support both of you in this process.

Family relationships can be complex. I’ll listen to everyone’s point of view and identify key issues. I’ll offer solutions to help you reach better communication together, resulting in more peaceful and enjoyable relationships.

In our sessions, I’ll help you to work through challenges and disagreements sensitively and effectively.  We’ll work together to recognise and manage communication difficulties and differences to reduce friction within the relationship. We’ll also explore ways to stop repeating patterns of behaviour and beliefs that are destructive. I’ll provide you with communication and trust exercises to work on together between sessions.

We’ll explore how your early life attachment experiences are influencing your present relationships, and we’ll seek new ways of relating to others that will serve you better.

Relationship Counselling includes working with married and partnered couples, mothers and daughters, and business partners and co-workers.